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“Bang This” Video Premiers on Hip Hop DX

Here you go homies. Bang This up to 10 and see if you don’t feel better. Nuff shouts to Steven…


Rap Don’t Belong At The Grammys (Official Video)

From “The Last Of The Flohicans: Mixtape coming soon. Get ya goloshas. One!


Beasting Season

Wassup suckaz? I’m here today to formally announce my candidacy for best rapper in the fucking cosmos. After scanning the…


Beats To My Rhymes

So… You’re a hot producer and you want money and to be famous?…Well you came to the wrong rappers website…


International Song Writing Contest

So I’m a Semi Finalist…Again. Lol. Let’s see if “Bang This” has what it takes to win me some goodies…That’d…


No Love Dae

They say to “get” love, you have to “give” love…Well fuck you! If that’s true, then why do all the…


Stop The Madness…

Can we please stop all the madness and just call a spade a spade? There is no way around it…


Daes & Times Anime Video

Animation by Jareed Dempsey. Good looks Homie!


The Moment You Feared…Daes & Times LP Released!

Sup Kids? Remember how I’ve been warning you that I was preparing for battle( aka getting my shit together) and…


Bang This Up To 10!

Big ups to Respect Mag, 2 Dope Boyz, URB, KN, DJ Booth and everyone else for the kind words about…